Vacant Building Insurance

Our Vacant Building insurance program can help by providing affordable coverage to cover your vacant building, building undergoing renovation, or under construction. These policies can cover both residential and commercial buildings. If you have one of the following classes of building we can help you.

  • Vacant Dwellings
  • Vacant Dwellings with Renovations
  • Vacant Commercial Buildings
  • Vacant Commercial Buildings with Renovations
  • Builders Risk – Both Dwellings and Commercial

Vacant building insurance іѕ design to cover the building while it is unoccupied. If a tenant leaves and you are looking for a new one, you need to ensure the structure is properly covered. If during the search you decide to renopvate this coverage can also cover you during this period. What if a prospective tenant has some requirements that would cause renovations to take place? What if are trying to sell the building and it becomes vacant till you find a buyer? You need protection from vandalism while the building sits empty to make sure you have the coverage that will help your property keep its value. These are all good reasons to consider coverage that covers you vacant building. Some of the policy features are:

Policy Terms of


  • 12 months standard, with quarterly installments available.
  • 3 or 6 months available in some states

Minimum Retained Premiums (only available on new policies)

  • 25% for 12 month policies
  • 50% for 6 month policies
  • 100% for a 3 month policy


  • Building & Personal Property
  • Builders Risk
  • Condo Unit Owner
  • Up to $5 million property limit of insurance
  • General premises liability up to $1million limit for most classes
  • Premises Liability

Our insurance plan for the vacant buildings can help free you of worry. So whether your building is in Clinton, Shrewsbury or anywhere else in Massachusetts we can help get you the coverage you need. Call us today at 978-365-2302 or fill out our free online quote form to see how Kerrigan, O’Malley & Bailey Insurance Agency can protect you.